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With much years of experience in the market (from 1991), our enterprise manufacture, export, import and represent, as in Spain as abroad, but mainly Europe and South-America countries, products from selected international manufacturers in countries as Brazil, Turkey, Russia and some Asian countries.

Also, as experienced enterprise in this markets we can collaborate with your enterprise looking for components for your manufactured items or articles in general you need, so, you will get an interesting saving.

So, we have get that in this web you can find the best offers with the best quality and prices, besides originals, practices, and newest, directly from internationally selected manufacturers in different specialties and a widespread variety of products, which ones, sure that in much cases will be very interesting for you.

We are directed to wholesalers, retailers and final consumer, with products which we offer via mailings ONLY WHEN WE HAVE A PREVISIBLE STOCK to inform about the news to our interested clients.

Our cashing way: every by bank account by advanced when you order and we send you the pro invoice.

VERY IMPORTANT: We have not ever stocks of this and other new producs, nor contact with all our mailing to offer them, so, if do you want we contact you when we have new offers, please, let your data clicking here.

ALSO, If you are interested on sale our products, please, fill this formulary and send it:

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